FREE $500 Visa Gift Card

FREE $500 Visa Gift Card

Receive a FREE $500 Visa Gift Card when you have your vehicle repaired with Real Auto Body! You may also use the gift card towards your deductible.

*Offer valid on insurance claims only.
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Do I really get a FREE $500 Visa Gift Card?

Yes! You can even use the gift card towards your deductible if you have one. To qualify you must:

  1. Input claim information and schedule vehicle pickup using this web portal by clicking Start-A-Repair;
  2. Your vehicle must be repaired by one of our certified collision centers.  (total loss vehicles do not qualify); and,
  3. Offer is valid on insurance claims only. 

That’s it!  You’re $500 richer!

Do I have to use a collision center recommended by my insurance company?

No! California law states that you have the right to choose where you have your vehicle repaired. Insurance company recommended “preferred” shops are contractually obligated to prioritize the use of used and/or aftermarket parts which can often lead to poor quality repairs.

Will my car be repaired correctly?

Yes! Repairs to your vehicle are completed using only real OEM factory parts and OEM recommended repair procedures.

How do I get a rental car?

Enterprise and Hertz will typically pick you up or send an Uber or Lyft to take you to their facility to rent a vehicle.  If you need help coordinating a rental just ask.

Is my car safe to drive after an accident?

No! That is why we pickup your vehicle from your home or work and later return it to you.  It’s not just for convenience. Due to advancements in electronic vehicle control systems no vehicle is safe to drive after an accident until after a diagnostic scan and an evaluation of the damage is completed by a professional.

How do you get paid?

You sign an “assignment of proceeds” of the repair claim that allows us to collect the cost of repairs directly from your insurance company.  Whatever we don’t collect we absorb as a cost of doing business.

What if my insurance company only pays for used or aftermarket parts?

It’s okay!  We’ll pay the difference in price.  We only use real OEM parts.  Most vehicle manufacturers require the use of OEM parts to restore their vehicles to pre-accident safety, function, and appearance and we strictly follow their guidelines.

Do I receive a Lifetime Warranty?

All workmanship is guaranteed for the life that you own the vehicle.  Parts are covered under a separate manufacturer warranty which is also lifetime, except for wear items such as brake pads. 

How can I request my shop become part of the Real Auto Body Collision Repair Network?

Submit your request by clicking here.


Discover the future of auto body collision repair.

Real Auto Body simplifies the process of having your vehicle repaired after an accident.

Real Parts!

Real Savings!

Real Simple!

Get Real!  

We’re about QUALITY, COST, and TIME!

  1. REAL QUALITY – Repairs are completed using only real factory OEM parts and OEM recommended  repair procedures.
  2. REAL COST SAVINGS – We offer discounts tailored to our customer’s needs including deductible assistance.
  3. REAL TIME SAVINGS – Our web portal walks you through the entire repair process including pickup and return delivery of your vehicle.  We come to you!
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