1. Start-A-Repair

Use the "Start-A-Repair" form to input claim information, and schedule pick up of your vehicle from your home or work.  Or call us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

For drop-offs, schedule an appointment at our Santa Ana repair facility by calling (800) 705-6495.

2. Vehicle Pick Up

Your vehicle is picked up by a Real Auto Body flatbed truck and transported to Real Auto Body.

3. Estimating

Your vehicle is estimated using OEM guidelines and repairs are negotiated with your insurance company.

4. Repairs

Repairs are completed using only “REAL” OEM factory parts and recommended repair procedures.

5. Updates

You are updated by your dedicated customer service rep throughout the process.

6. Vehicle is Completed

Your vehicle is completed and returned to your home or work along with your FREE $500 Visa Gift Card on insurance claims over $2,500.  

Now you are ready to Start-A-Repair!

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